IF (Intellectual Fairtrade), 2021. Ceramics, paper labels, cord. 230 x 230 x 40 cm. (90.6 x 90.6 x 15.7 in.) Objects created at European Ceramic Work Center sundaymorning@EKWC, The Netherlands.

Intellectual Fairtrade is an idea which aims to call for attention to the intellectual slavery happening at different locations around the world. The title refers to the Fairtrade International movement which goal is to make a trade fair. The movement covers a wide range of products and businesses however it does not cover the intangible, intellectual work.


 In different locations around the world, in poor working conditions, extensive working hours and night shifts, people are forced to work a job, for which they’re overqualified to.

Intellectual Fairtrade is about the intellectual work is non- or less recognized, it is poorly paid and it is an exploitation of the human potential .

Global economics, corrupted governments, dependencies and many others are the reasons this to happen and to fight against it may seem impossible, however through Art, I believe, we can shed a bit of light on the issue and think of solutions just like the Fairtrade International movement.


In a series of artworks, I am developing and representing the concept of Intellectual Fairtrade.

The first piece is presented here and consists of five brain-like shapes, which also resemble big coffee beans – one of the symbols of Fairtrade International.

Each brain has a label attached to it, which describes an example of a Resume of different people working at the low-cost locations.