Multitasking, 2018. Ceramics, recycled paper, etching, polymer clay, metal wire, LED light panel. 60 cm x 15 cm x 60 cm. (23.6 x 6 x 23.6 in.) Photo credit Elly Negrieva and Serafim (1978-2020)

Multitasking is about the very common requirement one could be asked during an

interview for a job. Multitasking is considered a desired quality for being successful and hence it is highly prized, especially in business.

I personally believe that Multitasking is against the human nature. I believe that, doing

 many things at a time, makes one loses the point. If we stop Multitasking and focus on the most important for each one of us, we could be a lot happier and more useful, to us and to our society.


Multitasking consists of five small objects - sketches of one's thoughts. They are

completely different from one another and heading towards different directions. There is no harmony, nor synchronization between them. The only thing in common they have, is the light which they are placed on.