Le pouvoir des chats #2, 2020. Silver-coated dishes, clay, cat. 120 cm x 15 cm x 120 cm. Photo credit Pavel Tsvetkov

Le pouvoir des chats #2 (from French - The power of the cats) makes a reference to the French idiom Le pouvoir d'achat (purchasing power), as the two phrases sound almost identical.


Le pouvoir des chats #2 is about the purchasing power of the society with the emphasis on the inequality between rich and poor. The work consists of a number of silver-coated, expensive and luxury-looking tableware filled up with clay, on which there are foot prints of a cat. The expensive tableware represents the richer part of the society and the clay - the poorer.

Cats are neither rich nor poor. They basically don’t understand the term "rich", nor  "poor"; neither all other animals on our planet do.


This work asks the viewer to take the standpoint of a cat and simply ignore the fact that one is rich and another – poor.