Specimens, 2020-1. Mixed media. 250 cm x  35 cm x  5 cm. (98.4 x 13.8 x 2 in). Photo credit Pavel Tsvetkov 

Specimens, 2020/1 represents parts of the human body, exhibited as a scientific collection. Each part has its own meaning, suggesting a different view on the well-known human anatomy: the brain is a velvet purse; the button belly has a cork; the thymus gland is an antique brass mechanical clock with gold-coated hands.

This work is a result of a couple of years exploration of the “spiritual” side of the human anatomy, its use or misuse, its function or dysfunction.

No matter race, color, ethnical origin – same body part, same purpose.

Our body talks. Do we listen to what it has to say? Do we understand its language?

Мay be the butterflies do. Or maybe the spiders would love to have this collection on their wall too.


*Please note, more pictures of the entire collection are to be published very soon . Thanks for your patience and understanding.