Specimens, 2021. Mixed media. 250 cm x  35 cm x  5 cm. (98.4 x 13.8 x 2 in). Photo credit Pavel Tsvetkov


This work is a result of a couple years of exploration and observation of the function of the human body.


Our body is a living organism, just like any other living organism on the planet. It follows its own path of recovery or evolution, if simply left alone.

Nature does not like intervention, so doesn’t the body.

Each part of the body has its own function, being in prefect harmony with the rest. Nothing happens independently. Nothing happens accidentally. Every change in the body has its origin, its logic and ultimately its goal.

In my work, different parts of the human body are presented as specimens of a scientific collection. Each part has its own meaning and it is a representation of its “hidden” side: the brain is a velvet purse; the button belly has a cork; the thymus gland is an antique brass mechanical clock with gold-coated hands.

This work aims to show a different view on the human anatomy, its use or misuse, its function or dysfunction.


No matter race, color, ethnical origin – same body part, same purpose.

Our body talks. Do we listen to what it has to say? Do we understand its language?